Cari D. Dawson

Cari D. Dawson, MTS, MA, JD is a Life counselor who draws upon her training and experience in spiritual direction, Jungian dream work, grief counseling and hospice chaplaincy. She has a depth of knowledge and resources in these areas as well as addiction counseling & teaching, and her earlier work in the corporate world and legal profession, which often come into play in the counseling session. She meets with clients in the Portland, Oregon area.

Resources - Websites

Poetry & Resources To Feed Your Soul

The Grief Recovery Institute - Your first stop for good practical advice on grief, workshops, wonderfully relevant articles, books.

Hazelden Bookstore - Books and other resources on relationships, codependency, addictions, meditation.    800-328-9000 (USA and Canada);  651-213-4200 (Other, Western Hemisphere). - Meditative and other practices, newsletter, books, poetry. interactive rituals. Interfaith.

Sacred Space - Available in multiple languages, Christian in the Jesuit tradition, follows liturgical calendar, interactive daily prayer.

Adyashanti - Eclectic, interspiritual approach to spirituality. Retreats, books, tapes, radio program. Open, inviting and comforting to seekers on the spiritual journey.

Spiritual Directors International - Defines and describes the process of spiritual direction and what to expect, helps you locate appropriate spiritual director wherever you may live throughout the world.

Health Journeys - Meditative guided imagery CDs and tapes addressing challenges such as stress relief, anger & frustration, grief, panic attacks.

Women Becoming Whole -    For women and men navigating  Life's journey. Meaningful articles written by Cari and Maureen on a variety of subjects including Dream Symbols, Anxiety, Depression, Relationships, Spirituality, Retirement, Detachment, Time: The Great Illusion, Centering Prayer and more.

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