Cari D. Dawson

Cari D. Dawson, MTS, MA, JD is a Life counselor who draws upon her training and experience in spiritual direction, Jungian dream work, grief counseling and hospice chaplaincy. She has a depth of knowledge and resources in these areas as well as addiction counseling & teaching, and her earlier work in the corporate world and legal profession, which often come into play in the counseling session. She meets with clients in the Portland, Oregon area.

Dream Work

                       Merging Dream Work & Art:                    You Don't Need To Be An  Artist

                       Merging Dream Work & Art:
                   You Don't Need To Be An Artist

Isolation from the unconscious is isolation from our souls, says Jungian analyst and author, Robert Johnson. We have within our unconscious a great energy system that reveals our conflicts, movements, developments and interactions. It is called dreaming. Dream images make no sense in ordinary terms, and we often dismiss them as meaningless. If we take the time to learn their language, we discover that every dream is a masterpiece of symbolic communication that comes always in the service of promoting our wholeness.


For more about dreams and dream symbols, read my brief summary of the importance of dreams in our lives, in the post, Dreams:  Symbolic Guidance From The Soul on my blog, Women Becoming.

I studied with author and dream work expert, Jeremy Taylor, as part of my graduate studies in Berkeley; have worked with several Jungian analysts individually and in dream workshops over the past 15 years;  have facilitated dream groups; and have worked with individuals in person, by phone and in group chats.

As a student of transpersonal psychology and as someone who has participated extensively in dream groups over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some perceptive and deeply intuitive people. Yet when Cari untangles a dream with me, I find myself amazed and delighted, moved in the way that only happens when someone really “gets it.” Her breadth of knowledge, focused attention, and powerful intuition combine to yield profound insights and affirmation. She provides a quality of listening that not only allows a deep dive into the dream but a grasp of the relevance of the dream to everyday reality. She’s truly gifted and immensely helpful.
— J. B.

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